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The Bonchurch Hills

A record of 266 walks and 1,830 miles will be marked by Walk Leader David White when he will lead a re-enactment of his first festival walk at this year’s walking festival.

The walk is titled “D.L.W. Explorer Anniversary Walk” and will be a repeat of the first walk that he did for the very first Isle of Wight Walking Festival.

Since then he has been involved with every festival leading narrated walks in his own imitable style.

Experienced and qualified walk leader

David who is a fully qualified walking and trekking leader has led treks through many countries worldwide such as northern India and the Himalayas, Jordan, Egypt, as well as many European countries.

He still insists that no other country can match the mapping and navigational standards of the UK and having led countless walks throughout Britain and Ireland he reckons nothing can match the British mapping system for making a leader’s job much easier.

David is a professional photographer who first become immersed in trekking and walking following foreign photographic assignments, especially a particularly challenging assignment as a photographer for a South American Amazon expedition.

Taking his qualifications in ‘mountain leadership and navigation’ he then started leading walks for companies in the UK, then later with more experience under his belt was sent on “long haul trips” overseas.

David says “Although it was good to travel there is always a great feeling that you have a home to return to.”

D.L.W. Explorer Anniversary Walk

So if you are one of David’s regular walkers at The Isle of Wight Walking Festival then he will be pleased to see you on this his special walk. Even if you’re not, then you are still most welcome.

All details of his walk can be found in this year’s Isle of Wight Walking Festival information, but just in case, it takes place on 5th May 10.15am at Nansen Hill car park, Ventnor (the car park just before The Smugglers Haven Tea Rooms).

For more info, please call: 01983 854263